Monday, 4 August 2014

We have electricity!!!

What what whats up!!!

Well I will start with the bad news, I forgot my camera today so there won't be any pictures unfortunately, I will try to use my companions to at least send a couple of picture to you guys. 

Now the good news, we finally have electricity!!! It was 11 days without electricity but it’s all good now. We had a member come over and just do a quick hook up but it looks awful and not professional but it doesn't really matter, I'm just happy that we have light now and that I can have a hot shower. 

This week was kind of tough, we did splits one day and me and Elder Phillips both got sick so we just slept the whole day. I haven't gotten this sick since I came back from Uyuni, it was really weird and just came out of nowhere. Good thing we were on splits though so at least our companions could work. But I'm feeling a lot better now, it's just my comp that isn't feeling well now. 

So this week will be our last week together, I will be saying goodbye to Elder Manayay this Saturday. That is when he goes to the hotel and I’ll be in a tri for a couple of days until my new companion gets here next Tuesday. They will be telling us this Sunday, so I'm kind of excited for that to see who will be coming to the zone and who my new companion will be. This week might be kind of hard to do lots of teaching because my comp just wants to say goodbye to people all week but he is way less trunky than Elder Gomez so that’s good. 

We had a baptism this week!!! I will try and send some pictures later, first I am going to explain the story of how we found her. So my first day here about 5 and a half months ago we were walking in the street and we wanted to buy some Pilfrut (juice in a bag) and decided to contact the lady in the store. She didn’t seem too interested and said we could come back another day. When we came back she wasn't there and we just talked to her younger sister Zulema (who we baptized about 2 months ago). So talking to her older sister again didn't even really come to my mind because she wasn't really interested and we had invited her to church and she never came. But one day my companion invited her to join us in the lesson and she just didn't pay attention and it was hard to keep her concentration. I really don't know what changed in her but over time she started paying more attention and reading and coming to church and accepted a date for her baptism. In less than a month she was baptized and confirmed a member of the church. In her testimony after her baptism she said that before we came she didn't believe in God but over time and with the lessons she had come to realize that he really does exist and cares about her. I learned many things about her conversion. One is to trust that the spirit can and will change the hearts of the people who are waiting and ready. Another thing is to never give up on someone or think they won’t accept the gospel like I did. We just need to keep inviting and inviting and maybe one day they will accept!!

Well that was the best part of my week, it was a great experience and hopefully we will have one more baptism to finish off strong with Elder Manayay. I will definitely miss him. I think he has been one of my favourite companions and has really taught me and helped me a lot. I will be sad to see him go. 

Well that was basically my week, hope all goes well.

Love you guys lots!!

Elder Grigor

Baptism of Zulema's Sister 

Elder Grigor looking so much older in this picture! 

Elder Grigor trying to be a little shorter. 

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