Monday, 15 September 2014

After the tough times comes the blessings

Hello Family. 

Well this has probably been one of my most unsuccessful weeks ever. We worked hard all week but we just didn’t really see many results. We were planting lots of seeds this week, maybe someone will harvest them. We had one day where we worked the whole day but we only had one lesson. It was kind of discouraging but this week should be a lot better. We also had lots of good experiences though where we couldn’t find anyone, then after much failure we would find someone who is really ready and wanting to hear the gospel. After the tough times came the blessings.

So this week we had Elder Waddell come from the seventy and it was awesome. All day Thursday we had a meeting with him. From 12 to 6 and then from 7:30 to 9. In the morning it was just for the missionaries and at night it was for all the stakes in Cochabamba. We learned a ton and I have lots of ideas to help our area and our zone out now. That was definitely something that we needed to give us some new ideas. I’ve been here almost 7 months now so it’s nice to have a fresh look. We are going to focus way more on the less actives and recent converts. We are working with my companion on plan Zoramite (bringing back the less actives) and plan Alma (after converting one, have them convert the rest). So we are trying some new ways to work with them and help them give us references and from what I am seeing so far it is working. We are doing what the sister missionaries used to always do with us and asked us to write down names of friends and then pray to see which one is ready to hear the gospel. Once they have narrowed it down we send them to work and have them contact their friends or invite them to an activity.  In the last few days we have been doing this and seeing that the recent converts have a huge desire to share the gospel and many friends that they want to share it with. Hopefully we will see even more success as we work even closer with them.

So this week we also decided to go up to Villa el Mar again and try our luck out there. We also had a couple of references to contact so we went and tried to see if we could find them. We thought that on a Saturday many people would be in their house but there was hardly anyone home. We tried to contact the references but couldn’t find anyone, we were a little discouraged because we had climbed so far only to have no one be home. We decided to just knock on doors then and contact in the street but there wasn’t anyone and we were ready to start the journey back down but we decided to talk to a couple as we were going down. They were with their sheep out in a little field so we decided to go talk to them. To be honest I didn’t think they would be too interested and my companion didn’t either but we just fought that feeling and went on. My companion even said “I really hope they speak Spanish” because it looked like they probably spoke Quecha. After talking to them for a little while we realized that they were really interesting in our message. He said he wanted missionaries to come and teach him about the gospel but they had never made it to his house. They have attended various churches but have never really found what they are looking for. It will be a huge sacrifice going up there to teach them but we saw their desire to learn and it is definitely worth it. Although there weren’t too many people who wanted to talk to us we found some that really prepared, and like Elder Waddell explained with the scripture in doctrine and covenants we need to talk with everyone and the chosen one will listen.

Like always it was a great week, this week will probably be my last week in this area so I am really going to enjoy it and the time I have with my companion. It should be a good one, love you guys lots, thanks for the letters, talk to you soon.

(and mom I think it would be super fun to teach seminary with you, believe it or not that made me a little trunky)

Elder Grigor

**These pictures cracked me up today. Elder Grigor knows how much we love getting pictures from him. So he took a few randoms just so we could see his face. What a guy! 
We send Elder Grigor our "pictures of the week" every Monday with our email to him. He loves seeing pictures from home and what is happening in our lives. He has made it a habit as well to send us pictures every week and we LOVE it! 

"I didnt take many pictures this week. I just took 
these so you would have something to see at least."

  This will probably be his last week in this area. 
I think he is ready for a change. 

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