Monday, 1 September 2014

We had 2 baptisms this week

Hey Fam, 

Well this week was gggrrrreeeeaaattt ( tony the tiger voice )

I am getting along so well with my companion, it’s just awesome. I think it’s because he is so obedient which makes it so easy for me to be obedient also. If I ever have a little thought that tells me to sleep 5 minutes longer I just look at my comp and always see him down praying which makes me want to get up too. Not that I slept in before or anything but you know what I mean haha. 

We just have fun all day and he’s always joking. I would love to be with him one more transfer but I'm pretty sure that 3 weeks from now I will be telling you guys about where my new area and who my new comp will be. 7 months will be plenty I think. I really have no complaints at all about the mission right now. Everything is going smooth. The zone is getting along great and right after this we are going to have a bbq with them, it should be pretty fun. 

Well this week we worked as hard as ever, and we were able to find many new people to teach and taught lots of people. We are also doing exchanges with the whole zone and this week. I did an exchange with Elder K. from Argentina and I went to his area. It was a great day and he is a great missionary. I was a little sick with a cold and a cough so it was tough walking around all day but I am feeling a lot better now. Also while I was walking in the street I heard my name and saw a sister from my first area. Her name is Jenny Ramos. Her sister was my first baptism and we always went to their house and they were one of my favourite families in Colcapirhua. I was able to talk to her and her family for a little and catch up, that made me really happy. I need to go and visit them soon and some other families from my old area. But it was a great day. 

On Saturday we had a great day. We had 2 baptisms. The baptism of Ivan and Kevin. I will tell you a little about each one. Ivan was an investigator that we found about 5 months ago knocking on doors. I was on an exchange and our plans kept falling through so we decided to knock a couple of doors and we found Ivan. At first he didn't really progress and didn't come to church but out of the blue he started to come and he really liked it and wanted to be baptized but didn't have permission from his father. So we worked with him for a little while and we got permission and well he got baptized!! And we met Kevin at the beginning of this transfer on the 12th of August. He had already come to church a couple of times and we thought maybe he was a member but we found out that actually he was coming to church with his mom who for 25 years was inactive. Thanks to a visit to Santa Cruz and support from her family she decided to come back to church with her family. We were able to teach all of the lessons to Kevin and prepare him for baptism and we are in the process of rescuing his mother. They both are doing great and soon are going to enter into the temple. We have a plan to go with the young men on a little temple trip with some of our recent converts, it should be a very spiritual experience for the both of them. 

Well I am loving the mission and my companion, my area, just everything. And I love you guys. Thanks for all of the pictures and support. Love you guy so much. Talk to you soon!!

Elder Grigor

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