Monday, 29 September 2014

The field is white already to harvest.

Hey Family!!!

So Sucre is super cool! I have always wanted to come here because I’ve heard great things about it. I think it’s the capital, some people say it’s La Paz but others say it’s here in Sucre but I think technically it’s here. It’s really cool and they have preserved the buildings really well, it’s all white in the downtown area, I would love to go down and take some pictures. The flight here was like half an hour or less I think, it was really quick. We will be going back on Tuesday for a meeting with the president. We will be going back once every transfer now instead of once a month. They are changing that. But I am excited we go up on Tuesday morning and get back on Thursday. So that will be fun, I will try to go back and visit a couple of people even though I was there like a week ago.

Everything is going great here. To be honest it has been pretty hard to get to know the area and the members but we are finally getting our bearings I think and recognizing some streets and people. The good thing is that we are lost together. It’s kind of funny, my companion sometimes asks me how to get to a place or what we should do and I just kind of look at him funny because I am just as lost as him, but the good thing is that I remember things really fast. We already know the area pretty good and the members are helping us out a lot. The thing I really like about my area is that all the streets have names and most of the houses have numbers so it’s pretty easy to find. We haven't really gotten lost at all, we also have a great opportunity to talk to many people asking how to get to a place and then we have an excuse to teach them about the gospel. We have found many people that way. I think all of the new investigators we found are from knocking on the wrong door or asking someone how to get to a certain street so we have that part in our favour. I feel like soon we will be able to see some progress here and I am super excited to be here. I am getting along with my companion and we are being obedient so I cant really ask for much more. 

Our house is pretty small. I think it’s a little bit bigger than the one in Cochabamba but it is way dirtier. I think we will be doing some deep cleaning. I feel like Elf in the shower because it’s tiny and I have to like crouch down to get under there but I’m working with it. If a new house presents itself I will definitely try to move.

But I can’t complain, my area is pretty small, I think it’s one of the smallest areas that I have had but I like that so I will get to know it really well in a short amount of time. To be honest I don’t have much to tell you guys, we just walked around looking for less actives and recent converts all week and some old investigators but haven't had much luck. The hard thing is that we don’t know when they are home so we go to the house and no one is home. That seems to happen a lot but we will be learning little by little. I always said that I wanted to open up an area and now that I am doing it it’s a lot harder than I thought but I am loving it. I have lots of friends down here in Sucre and a good friend from my group is the zone leader in the other zone so we’ll be hanging out a lot on p-days. 

Today we are just going to explore the city a little I think and then go play some soccer. It should be a good day and then we are off to Cochabamba tomorrow. Well I love you guys a lot and I will be talking to you soon. I hope all of my pictures get through but they are loading really slow so you might only get a couple. But I’ll try.

Love you guys,

Elder Grigor

Saying goodbye to Johnny. The greatest member missionary in Cochabamba 

Elder Grigor saying goodbye to families in Cochabamba 

2 thumbs up and crouching down for a picture. 

Saying goodbye to the kids and the dogs. Love his happy smiling face. 

Another goodbye as he leaves Cochabamba for Sucre. 

"We had to do an exchange while some Elder waited for their bus so the 4 of us 
basically just walked around lost in our area contacting. It was fun." 

This is the shower in Elder Grigor's apartment. 
Kind of small for this "white giant" 

Elder Grigor's new home in Sucre. Tiny and humble. 

Love seeing his towel from home hanging up, his mission 
coat on the door and his suitcase on top of the cabinet.  It's 
nice to see little glimpses of familiar things way down in Bolivia.  

"My scripture cases that I made" 
The scene of the Saviour on the boat is one of 
Elder Grigor's favourite pictures and scripture.  

Love everything about these scripture cases. It says so much about what 
Elder Grigor has been experiencing on his mission in Bolivia. 

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