Monday, 22 September 2014

I'm getting transferred to Sucre.

Dear Family, 

Well I will start with answering some questions. My spanish is pretty good, I’m sure there are still some times where I mess up but I am very confident with my spanish. I would say I’m like 95% but I’m really happy with it. And is Justin taller than Dad now? In that picture it sure looks like he is: And yes I think it would be great to apply now for school, I would like to apply to lots of schools to have options. I would like to apply for the U of C and U of A and U of L. I’m like 95% sure that I need to stay in Canada to study. So if you guys could do that it would be awesome. Well I’m not able to send pictures today. I went to send them and it said my camera wasn't formatted and I thought I lost all of my pictures again but then I put it in my camera so it should be fine, I’m just scared to do anything to it and lose all my pictures like I have before. So I will send them next week when I am in Sucre!!! 

So they called me last night and told me about my transfer and I am going to Sucre to be a zone leader still. The weird part is that they are taking both of the zone leaders out and I am going to open up the area kind of with an elder who has never been a zone leader before who has about 19 months in the mission. I know nothing about Sucre and neither does my new companion but it will be cool. He name is Elder Cobarruvias. I was his zone leader for two transfers when I first got to Villa Graciela and we did some splits so I kind of know him. I am excited for the new challenge and it should be very interesting. I am also excited that I will get to travel to come to zone leader meetings in Cochabamba once a transfer so that will be fun. I have always wanted to do that, just for like one transfer. I think I will only be there one transfer, but who knows maybe they will keep me there until I finish my mission. I really hope I do not have to be with another companion until the end of his mission. So I hope I’m not with this companion for too long but I will do whatever the Lord needs. I’m trying really hard to understand this transfer. It was the last thing that I thought was going to happen. I feel like everyone is super happy with their transfers and well I wasn’t super excited at first but it’s going to be great. 

So I leave tomorrow at like 8:00 in the morning and I have no idea what I am going to do when I get there because I have no idea where to go and have no idea what to do but it should be an interesting time. I will be talking a lot to the old missionaries who were there.  My companion that I had in the MTC, Elder Crankshaw; he is going to be the assistant and that is why they took them both out. I thought they would have left his companion but I guess not. It will be fun. I have always wanted to go to Sucre though so I am excited about that. 

I am definitely going to miss my companion Elder Terceros, he is a super great missionary and has become a great friend here in the mission, it was awesome working with him here. I hope I have the same relationship with my new companion. 

Well I will be taking lots of pictures and I will talk to you guys next week, thanks for the e-mails and the pictures, love you guys so much!!!

Elder Grigor

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