Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Good Attitude = Good Day!!!

Hay Fam, 

So me and my companion decided that we have been complaining a little to much about the area and how it’s been pretty hard for us.  Then we remembered a  talk that we had that was really great. It is called the Importance of the Messenger, (if I translated that correctly) by M. Russell Ballard. He basically just says that there is no such thing as a bad area, or a bad companion. It’s just all about the attitude, if you have a good attitude then everything will just work out. So we decided to share that with the zone and then put it into practice. That afternoon all of our appointments fell through but we just decided to think of the silver lining or what it was that we needed to do and try to be positive. We met a lady and asked if we could share a message and she accepted. We talked about the restoration and focused on how it could bless her life. At the end we asked if she could say the prayer. She just totally expressed herself and started crying about her family problems and how she was so happy that we came to talk to her. I know that we were guided there, somehow we showed up at her door and we had a great lesson. It really worked, good attitude = good day!!! 

We also had the opportunity to go out with a young man preparing for his mission.  We weren't having much luck so we asked him what he wanted to do and he said we should knock on a door. We knocked on it and also had a great lesson with a lady called Yolanda. She was very excited and asked us where the church was and when she could come. The members really make all the difference. If we wouldn't have asked him maybe we never would have found that lady. I need to work with the members more. I’m saying this now, make sure that I go out with the missionaries when I get home. Don’t let me be lazy. Sunday afternoon = missionary time. 

We really had a great week, everything is getting better here. I am loving my area and this week is going to be super crazy. We just have tons of service set up and we are moving to the bishops house. I’ll be sending pictures of our new house too. It should be a little more private and hopefully the shower is a little taller. We made that special request. Hopefully it will happen. And then it’s transfers this Sunday, I don’t think either one of us with be having a transfer but who knows. Maybe something crazy with happen, the president didn't say anything in my interview, sometimes he mentions it. I might be staying here until I go home, who knows. I don’t think they will leave me as a zone leader for so long though. I’m like the oldest one, but I would be totally fine if I did. I love being a zone leader. 

Well it is almost time for me to go. I hope you guys have had a great week and have a great one this week.  Love you guys lots, thanks for the letters and pictures, they make my week. I’m trying not to be trunky, after internet time is always the worst. I miss you guys lots. We will get to talk pretty soon, I am excited for that!! Well tata for now

Elder Grigor

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