Monday, 6 October 2014

I received answers during general conference

Hello Family,
Well this was probably one of the busiest weeks of my life, and the one where I haven't been able to work in my area at all. We were able to accomplish quite a bit though. On Tuesday in the morning we went to Cochabamba for our leadership conference with the president and all of the zone leaders. The meeting wasn't until Wednesday but we went on Tuesday because that was the only flight and we just had the whole day there to just go around and visit and do some things for the zone so that was really fun. I went and visited my first pensionista from Colcapirhua and she was super happy to see me. Then I went with Elder Atwood and we went and visited some families in his old area. We ate so much food too. In every house where we went they gave us something to eat. At the end of the day I was just absolutely stuffed and could not fit anything into my body. We had like 5 legit meals that day plus snacks and stuff like that. It was a day well spent!!
The next day we spent the whole day being instructed by the other leaders, sister training leaders, assistants and the president and his wife. I really love those kind of conferences, it was even cooler to come in from outside of the city because there was just a little more luxury than before. I am really happy and blessed that I have been chosen to be a zone leader for so long. I have really grown and learned a lot in these 7 months or so, I hope there is still much more time. I hope that I can become a better leader every day.
One of my questions that I had going into conference was “how can I become a better leader for my zone?” In almost every single talk, I was able to take out something on how to better leader in my zone and help those who I serve. I thought that was quite amazing how even though they were talking about the atonement or the sacrament the spirit was able to tell me what it was that I wanted to learn more about. One talk I really enjoyed was of President Packer who talked about the life of Jesus Christ. I was really impressed that in order to become  better I need to study more in depth the life of the most perfect leader Jesus Christ. There were many talks that impacted me and I think that as I go back and study my notes I will be able to find what it is that I might be missing.
It was really just a great weekend all around. We have an Elder in the zone named Elder Johnston who just bought a ton of candy and like 72 cans of Dr.Pepper for all the white guys. We had a special room to watch it in English with 15 elders from the two zones from Sucre and it was great. Like said, I really enjoyed President Packers talk and also the talk by Richard G. Scott and David A. Bednar about missionary work. They were all just so great!!! 
One of the best parts is that the next conference I will be home with you guys to watch it, I have already watched 4 conferences here in the mission. 
Well I gotta go now, I have like no time left and have to write a couple more people. I was waiting like 45 minutes to get onto the computer but the internet was down, so that kind of sucked, but I hope my pictures get there. They are loading right now so hopefully they download in time. Well I love you guys, I hope you have a great week.

Elder Grigor

"Me and my companion" 

When we went to Cochabamba we found a little basketball court made for 
kids with like 8 foot rims. It was like half the size of a real court. So we 
played some 4 on 4 gringo basketball and this is what happened to my wrist.
 I wish I would have taken some picture while we were playing" 

Elder Grigor in Sucre

Love seeing this happy face each week

"Welcome to the playground" 

Lunch time at the playground 

Always has a smile on his face! 

Our conference treats 

Lots and lots of Dr. Pepper 

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