Monday, 15 December 2014

Transfers came and I am staying in Sucre.

Hey Family,

So we had the transfer call last night. We were waiting for the transfer and my pensionista from Colcapirhua called me and told me that the elder who was there was coming to be my new companion. I was kind of sad because I wanted to hear it from the assistants but she told me. My new companion is going to be Elder Callahua ( Kai-ya-wa) is how you would say it in English. He is from Peru and will probably “kill me”. That’s what they say to the companion that sends you home. I think we will be together for at least 3 months and then I will be done. I think he has just over a year in the mission, I’m not exactly sure but I’ve heard he is a great worker. I don’t really know him that well but I’ve only heard good things so I am excited about that. He was here in Sucre in the area right next to where we are so he is basically just coming back to where he was like 4 months ago which is good because he will know everything about Sucre and will be able to visit some families and converts here in Sucre. I’m excited, I kind of thought that I was going to leaving and that my comp would be staying but I guess this is what the Lord wants and I am ok with it. It will be fun to spend Christmas here in Sucre.

We had a good last week together here is Sucre. I have really learned to love my companion and I will really miss him a lot. He’s a great guy and I have seen a big change in him since the first time I met him at the beginning of this year.  I think we finished off pretty strong. Although we aren’t seeing lots of success with investigators and baptisms we have seen the increased help of the members in the ward and I think they have grown to trust us. We are also having more success with the less active members here in the ward. With two different families we were able to do service and help them; with one on P-day we went out with the dad and son to play outdoor racquetball and created a stronger friendship with both of them. I think through these small things it brought them to church this week.  Both of the families came this Sunday and were blessed by the Lord. I felt really happy when both of the families walked in and felt that what we are doing here has been worth it and that we have been helping the ward. Sometimes it’s easy to think that we haven’t really done much because there are no baptisms, and I was kind of thinking that for a while but I have realized that it’s not all about that. I am really happy with the ward and for the opportunity that I have to stay here in Sucre and work with these amazing people.

Funny experience.  While walking down the street there was a family that was getting in the car and they were looking at us funny, as we got closer the younger brother who was probably about 16 stuck his head out the window and I thought he was going to ask a question or something about us but just told me “hey my sister likes you” and started laughing. So did I, my companion said that we should go back and knock on their door. I’m thinking about it…. Hahaha.

Well this was week here in Sucre. There are so many more things that I would love to write you guys but the time is running out. I’m really excited to talk to you guys next week, I will be really trunky that day. I am going to try and keep it between 30 and 40 minutes though. So just be prepared. Love you guys, talk to you soon.

Elder Grigor

**Elder Grigor's memory card had a virus so no pictures this week. Hopefully we will get some pictures next week. 

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