Monday, 29 December 2014

Happy New Year

Merry Christmas/Happy New Year

Well this week was pretty great, it was hard to work because of all of the holidays and the fact that lots of our investigators went on vacation but it was pretty fun. I loved talking to you guys on Christmas. I’m really happy that that was the last time I have to do that. I wish that I could have said goodbye to you guys properly but I don’t really know what happened I guess the internet just cut out.

On Christmas after internet we went to lunch and then went back to talk to my comps family because they were supposed to be on after lunch but they never showed up so we have to wait and he is going to talk to them this week on New Year’s Day. At least that’s the plan. We also went to the plaza and sang and it was working at first, lots of people came and were listening. We had a couple of missionaries contacting the ones who came up and looked interested and shared a Christmas message but then a mime came and took all of our fans L so we went to another little plaza and it worked out a lot better. People clapped after we finished a song and asked us to sing in English and when my comp was contacting they even asked him when the concert would be. They thought we were just warming up. I guess you could say we sang like angels. It was pretty awesome, most of the missionaries from the two zones were supposed to come but there were only like 10 of us but it was still really fun.

A cool experience that happened this week the day after Christmas. We were knocking on doors for a long time because none of our investigators were home or had time.  We tried to contact and well it wasn’t really working out too well. There were lots of people who just shut the door on us or said that no one was home or said they would come right down and then never did. Right when we were pretty discouraged and didn’t really want to keep knocking we decided to knock on one more door before going to an appointment. The dad answered the door and was super interested in our message about the prophets and the Book of Mormon and the restoration. Then he told us that it was really weird that we found him because he is hardly ever home. He is a taxi driver and only came to drop off his kids and give them something to eat. He was going to leave again but he was really grateful that he stayed home. Like I have experienced many times the Lord always blesses us after our struggles. We now have a new family that we are teaching and someone who is really interested in learning the gospel.

Another crazy thing that happened, the sisters called us Saturday night at 10 saying that they needed to leave their house at that moment because the owner of the house where they live left and they were left alone with a guy. So the next day we had no idea where they would go because they had been looking for house for a long time and hadn’t found anything yet. Being nice I decided that they would go to our house and we would go stay at another elders house close by who have extra beds for a couple of days while they look for a new place. But the thing is now they want to stay in our house and want us to go find a new place. I hope they are joking, we just got into that new house and we don’t want to leave. Plus it is super far away from the sister’s area. Hopefully they find a new place soon. So this week might be little crazy with moving things around and finding a new house.

Well, this was my week more or less, hope you guys had a great one, love the pictures, looks like you’re having lots of fun. Can’t wait to see you guys again. 

Love you

Elder Grigor

Elder Grigor sitting under his flag with family pictures. LOVE IT! 

Christmas in Sucre, Bolivia 

Handing out Christmas gifts 

P-day fun

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