Monday, 6 May 2013

2 Phone Calls from Elder Grigor

Elder Grigor left the Peru MTC on Sunday, May 5th. He let us know in an email last week that he would be able to call early Sunday morning. As any normal parents of a missionary would do- we slept with a phone on each nightstand and woke up several times early in the morning awaiting his phone call. As the morning went on we thought that maybe he didn't have time to call. Roger went to his morning meetings at church and I told him I would text him if Tyler called. Roger came back home at 9:00 because he forgot a video he needed for one of his meetings. No phone from Tyler yet. His flight was scheduled to leave at 9:20 our time we assumed he would maybe call when he landed.

About 10 minutes after Roger left the phone rang. It was TYLER! His flight had been delayed 40 minutes and he had time to call home.  My heart started racing and I was quickly trying to use my shaking fingers to text Roger to come back home. As I was doing this Tyler let me know that he only had a minute to talk and that Dad probably wouldn't make it back in time. I told Tyler " I will take a minute" if that was all the time he had. We just wanted to hear his voice. We talked very briefly and then Tyler said he had 30 seconds left. He wanted us to know that he was doing good and that he loved us. He said he was excited and nervous to go out in to the mission field. Just as I thought he was saying goodbye one of the Sister missionaries gave him more money for the phone. He had more time. Love that Sister missionary!!!  I told Justin to text Roger to let him know that Tyler was on the phone. I kept asking Tyler how much time he had. Roger was in his meeting at church and as soon as he got the text he bolted out of the room and came home. He made it home in time to talk to his son. Roger was able to talk to Tyler for a couple of minutes which was so wonderful! We were so grateful for those precious few minutes that we got to hear his voice.

Tyler told us that he would probably have time again to call in the afternoon when he had a 4 hour layover in Santa Cruz. We came home from church and again as any normal missionary parents would do- we sat with the phone right by our side waiting for his call. Just as we thought that maybe he didn't have time to call, or didn't have any money on him,  the phone rang and it was Ty! We got to talk to him for 15 minutes. It was heaven. The best 15 minutes of our day. (Aside from the 10 minutes in the morning but that was kind of crazy trying to figure out how long we could talk and trying to get Roger back home). We got to hear him laugh - I have missed that so much, and he told us in more detail about some of his experiences that he wrote about in his emails.

He shared a funny thing about being in the airport with all the Elders and Sisters. They were saying that they were not sure where to go in the airport or what they needed to do. Tyler just said: " It's OK, I GOT this!" We had a good laugh about that one.

We told him that Bryce went into the Provo MTC this past week and he was excited to hear that. He is looking forward to emailing him and hearing about his mission experiences as well.

We asked him what his favorite thing about the MTC was. He said: "Oh there was so many, but if I had to pick a few things it would be Soccer and District meetings." He played soccer everyday for an hour during his physical activity time. For the first few weeks at the MTC he played basketball and volleyball. But then he tried soccer and loved it. Uncle Jorge will be so happy to play soccer and speak Spanish with Tyler when he gets back.

We love our missionary son and felt very blessed to be able to talk to him for the short time that we did. We are excited to be able to talk to him again on Mother's Day!

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