Monday, 20 May 2013

Hike up to Cristo de la Concordia.

Elder Grigor went up to Cristo de la Concordia. The statue is just a bit higher and larger than the one in Rio de Janeiro, making it the world's largest statue of Jesus until 2010, when a larger one was completed in Poland. It offers a great view of the city of Cochabamba.
The climb.

The view

Elder Grigor with the Elders from his zone in front of the Cristo de la Concordia
Elder Grigor in front of the statue.

Just being Ty!

Elder Grigor and Elder Valda

Elder Grigor with a kitten.
Elder Grigor has been having a lot of nose bleeds since he arrived in Bolivia. On his way to this appointment to have a little operation to fix it, the taxi they were in was t-boned. No one was hurt- just a few smashed fenders. Thank goodness!

Elder Grigor. LOVE the expression on his face!
And those outfits are awesome!!!!

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