Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Leaving the MTC on Sunday May 5th

Hi Mom and Dad!!

So just something quick I wanted to let everyone know-  I can't always write emails to everyone because I only have an hour. It's not that I dont want to, I just run out of time and try to do family first. So if you could put that on the website or something that would be good.
The first picture is of me and Elder Gonzalez who I went proselyting with.  The  second  is  of  me  and  Elder Crankshaw. The third is my district- Elder Gines in the blue and red jersey, Elder Atwood in red on the far left, Crankshaw in white, Feddock in white and Hatch in red on the right.   

 So sounds like things are going good there, that dictate thing on the IPad sounds really cool I can't wait to see what other technology is out when I get home. I haven't got any dear elder letters yet but I will be looking out for them. That's so cool that Joss is going to Spain too!! We can be the 3 Spanish amigos when we get back, that is going to be so awesome. Tell him congrats and good luck for me. So Elder Bednar last week was awesome, he came for 3 hours and we got to ask him questions in the meeting then shake his hand afterwards. I didn't get to ask a question though but it was still really cool, I would tell you all about it but it would take forever. He mostly just talked about faith and being a good missionary. This week has been great and gone by so fast, I've been playing lots of soccer as usual and I'm getting pretty good I think, its so much fun, I'm going to go play after I finish writing. Not much happened this week except we found out that we leave early Sunday morning so I don't have much time left here. We can call from the airport so I am going to try, I don't know what the best way to do it will be but I will figure something out. I'm excited to talk to you guys and then the week after on Mother's Day. Then in our district we gave everyone names from different movies like Toy Story and Disney and what our animal would be and just a bunch of stuff.  I will tell you all my names: legolas, ammon, hercules, cedric digory, luke skywalker, grizzly bear, donkey kong, thor, buzz lightyear, will turner, gale, and Bruce the shark. Well I will hopefully talk to you this Sunday. have a good week!!
love you mom and dad

Your hijo

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